"Pincourt & Ile Perrot: Passionate communities. Engaged citizens. "

Families young & old looking for kid-friendly streets, green-space and a neighbourhood feel. We call it home.

Who We Are

This blog is operated by a residents of Pincourt & Ile Perrot with a common goal: to share information and updates with our neighbours.  We want you to quickly find links to area towns, news about city developments, personal rants, and anything else you want to contribute.  The goal is to have many residents sign-up as contributors, so that everyone can have their say in this space.

Send an email to metoo@pincourt.org to participate.  We’d love to hear from you.

Government 2.0

The Gov 2.0 trend is all about you.  Or at least, getting information to you.  Inspired by the “Web 2.0″ wave, governments are feeling increasing pressure from their constituents to use modern communication tools for both dissemenation of information and listening to others.

Gov 2.0 goes beyond media-stunts like YouTube questions during election debates.  It is about them making information available to all citizens and to allow for a 2-way dialog where-ever possible, because, much to Prime Minister Harper’s dismay, the government’s salaries are paid by us.  Me.  You. Citizens.

Free Stuff

As part of our effort to get the community connected and online, we offer (to residents) for free:

  • email addresses @pincourt.org or  @ileperrot.org
  • hosting websites.  for example, mystore.pincourt.org
  • wordpress setup: a great blogging tool

All we ask in return is that you mentions us and help participate in our project.  Why?  The answer is simply that collectively we will stand a better chance to promote our area’s needs with local businesses and politicians, and this is a way for us to connect.

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